REFLECTION…of a community in mourning.

I was thinking about the presentation made by LAPD’s Chief of Police at the community meeting yesterday and I began to wonder: if the LAPD officer had given the victim 2 choices, 1: take two direct hits to the head and die or 2: let us assault you a la Rodney King, and those were his only two choices, I have a feeling he would have preferred to be beaten like a dog so long as he would have had a living chance of seeing his wife and 3 kids back in Guatemala again. LAPD is considered by many as the best civil law enforcement agency in the country, surely the best armed and best trained for any scenario.  But if relations between it and any community of color are to improve, they are going to have to find a 3rd choice, and a 4th, and a 5th to offer those they are trying to apprehend.  We all know there are a lot of good officers out there.  But until LAPD adopts new strategies, the people’s motto against the agency will continue to be: “LAPD change your ways, Racists, Sexists, Anti-Gay!”

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