REFLECTION…of a valiant nurse.

Maj. Margaret Witt, a decorated flight nurse with 20 years of service, is the most recent winner of a federal court ruling ordering the her reinstatement after her superiors discovered her personal relationship with a civilian woman.  During her tenure with the Air Force, Maj. Witt worked for an air-medical transport unit that evacuated and treated wounded soldiers.  Though she was honorably discharged from the 446th AES (Aeromedical Evacuation Squadron), she remained convinced that the policy was unfair and that her relationship with her partner did not interfere with her duties as a medical rescue officer.

Typical of their response, the Air Force could only thank the judge for giving them enough time to properly prepare for their appeal to the appropriate federal appellate courts.  According to CNN, court documents described Maj. Witt in employee reports and by trial witnesses “as an “exemplary officer” who was an effective leader, caring mentor, and skilled clinician.”

Like many other gay & lesbian service members, citizen Witt’s love and admiration for this country was so great that her desire to serve outweighed her desire to remain true to herself — at least while wearing the uniform.  Now that she too has won a major victory, the Obama Administration has begun to set the wheels in motion to delay her reinstatement and the repeal of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” as ordered by the judiciary because they prefer the changes come from the Legislative and Executive branches of government.  Unfortunately, an attempt earlier this week to debate and vote on DADT was defeated by Republicans and a few Democrats.

As is now a common occurrence in politics, this is too important an issue to consider before the midterm elections, leaving 12,500 soldiers thus far discharged for coming forward to wait even longer before they can finally say to their friends and families that the country they have risked their lives for defending is no longer ashamed of them.  That day will come, hopefully as soon as Congress and the White House remember that important chapter in their high school government book that described the individual roles of the 3 branches of government.  In this case, the one branch created to check and balance the remaining two has spoken; have the decency to accept their decision and let those willing to serve openly do so without harassment and persecution.

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