…when you’re right, you’re right…

The BBC reported today that in the small town of Den Bosch in the Netherlands, the local priest at Sint-Jan church decided not to give communion to anyone in anticipation of a protest by gay-rights activists who were planning to stage a walk-out over the Roman Catholic Church’s policy of denying communion to practicing gay men and women.  The protest was the result of a priest in a nearby town refusing communion to an openly gay man earlier in the month.  In his defense, the man denied the Holy wafer argued that if he were not allowed to receive holy communion, then it would make sense to deny everyone else since they too were sinners.  For those of us who are Catholic, that makes sense, especially since most of us forget or choose to not confess our sins before pacing down the aisle to take part in the body of Christ.

There is no question that the Church has changed its practices over the past 1,600 years.  We’ve even had pope’s take on lovers while in office.  Surely there is room in the Church’s heart to allow God’s gay children to take part in the holy sacrament. It would be easy to justify this by listing the many contradictions in scripture and practice but why is that even needed.  I mean, doesn’t the fact that our gay brothers and sisters believe and support the Church enough of a reason to let them be part of the family?  In a country that made history by becoming the first nation on Earth to accept gay marriage, this violation of a person’s right to express love towards God only taints any effort for equality in the Netherlands.  It’s true that the Church is losing members. And from the looks of things, the new Pontiff doesn’t seem to care at all about practicing what his clergy seem to be preaching — tolerance, forgiveness and acceptance.  Should this and other trends continue, the Catholic Church may find itself some day without parishioners or priests, leaving behind empty temples to be filled by congregants willing to start a new tradition of teaching what Christ Himself taught — loving one another as He would have loved them, gay or straight.  Come to think of it, wouldn’t this be the greater outcome.

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